About ITC

From the initial startup in 1972 under the CompuRoute name, Integrated Test Corporation has been a leading fabricator of ATE probe and final test PCBs that push the performance envelope.

At Integrated Test, we are constantly enhancing our capabilities to ensure we can meet the delivery, cost, and performance needs of our most demanding customers.

In early 2006 we formed a new division, Integrated Test – Arizona, that designs and manufactures ATE interface products. With a very experienced design and manufacturing staff combined with in-house PCB manufacturing, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the industry’s most consistent signal path at the most affordable price.

Our company has been fabricating leading-edge ATE test boards for almost 35 years. operating out of the Dallas, Texas with a 39,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

We have supplied PCB fabrication for almost all of the IC and ATE manufacturers either directly or indirectly through third party design firms. Our focus on the high performance, high-complexity, quick-turn ATE market has helped us keep pace with the extremely challenging aspects of this segment.

Our Arizona division is a relatively new division targeting the design and fabrication of ATE test interfaces. Operating out of a 5,100 square foot building in Gilbert, Arizona, it boasts one of the most experience management teams in the industry, each person with over 10 years experience in the ATE interface market and a wealth of knowledge on almost all tester and prober platforms.

Several of these employees also have a solid knowledge of wafer sort operations, which helps ensure that our interface designs minimize the hidden support costs associated with a test interface to give you the overall most cost effective solution possible.

Serving the Semiconductor ATE Market with PCB Fabrication, Test Interface Hardware and Probe Card Planarization Motherboards