Test Capabilities

It is our goal at Integrated Test Corporation to provide our customers with quality products that will perform beyond expectation in meeting the increasing demands of today’s sophisticated test equipment.

To that end we have established spring probe testing procedures in effort to ensure a long life, quality signal path.

Testing Performed

  • Break In Cycle
    • Tower cycled through several full stroke compressions to establish service level signal continuity
  • Production Cycle testing with Continuity Verification
    • Full tower cycled, taking resistance reading at precisely controlled compression depths
  • Engineering Life Cycle CRES Test
    • Precision contact resistance testing at varying compressions of set of 64 spring pins using 4-wire test setup, through expected life of probe or pre-determined number of cycles
  • Time Domain Reflectometry
    • Precision TDR test of selected probes placed in tower block, or in jig with exact probe spacing
  • Test Interface Testing and Verification